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Sad Managers
Entrepreneur Eddie

Eddie just started his company and there's so much he needs to know. He has fun chatting with Walter regularly gives him insider tips on stuff like networking, innovation and knowledge sharing. He's on his way to great success.

Aspiring Alex

Alex wants to be good at his job, but he also values work-life balance. He chats with Walter who provides tips and resources for his professional development to learn new skills and do well in his job to get promoted.

Manager Molly

Molly was recently promoted to a manager. She doesn't have time to attend classes but chats with Walter on a daily basis for advice on team development, providing coaching and feedback. Her team thinks she's a great manager.

How does it work?


Our Chatbot

Introducing Walter, the first management mentor chatbot. A chatbot trained to train you!

Chat with him to get tips and resources on and you will be awesome at work.

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