Whether you are a large or small company, training is essential for employees to settle in quickly and to start working effectively. Continuous training is also required for employees to be up to date with the latest information and requirements. But there isn’t always time, or money to handle individual training programmes!

Classroom training is important, but most people learn at work, while doing work. Walter, our training chatbot, can guide and teach in real-time. Learners can just login at their convenience and start chatting (learning) right away.

The best thing is .... we've automated the training of the chatbots.

Using machine learning, the chatbots capture, interpret, and curate any documents that you upload for your learners, so there is no need to re-create content. All it takes is a simple upload.

It's that simple!


New Hire Training

New employee orientation is critical, and has been proven to increase employee retention and satisfaction rates.

Assigning another employee to run orientation can take divide their time and focus of their primary jobs and become less efficient.

Walter the chatbot can be the virtual mentor for your new hire.


Sales Training

Your sales people are the face of your company. They need to be able to position your company, products and value proposition to clients and partners.

Sometimes, they are on the go, in a cab or on the phone with a customer, and they need quick advice.


Compliance Training

Compliance .... yawn. It's so boring, you see your employees falling asleep during compliance training. But it's super important that they comply with your company's policies.


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