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It's not always easy to be a good manager...
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Don't have the time for lengthy courses and workshops? We don't expect you to.
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What is Manager 365?

Manager 365 is a platform that'll deliver daily tips, tools, and content to help you manage your teams better.

We deliver the content to you every day in your preferred social media and communication platform. Most of all, you can be assured that our content is always relevant, practical and concise enough that you will never have to spend more than 5 minutes to learn.

What you'll get with Manager 365

Weekly newsletter

Our newsletter summarises the topics covered for the week.

Daily Manager Calendar

Track your progress with a Daily Manager Calendar.

Ask a mentor

Get your questions answered by our experts via email or online chat.

Daily delivery of manager
tips and tools

We have articles for you to read, modules and assessments to take, and videos to watch.

Minimum of 20 topics a month

You'll never run out of content - we deliver at least 2 videos and 2 modules a month.

Featured Content
We cover these essential manager topics in our byte-sized articles, learning modules, and briefs:
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • Building effective teams
  • Team development
  • Leadership skills
  • Executive communication
  • And more!
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